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Obsidian Studios SA offers scalable web design solutions that are visually pleasing and functional. Our highly skilled design department can assist you with the design of a web site, which will meet your specific requirements and budget, from a simple web presence to database E-Commerce websites. We provide a powerful, high-end mixture of classic and contemporary styles to fit the specific design criteria of our clients’ sites. Our designs enhance the content to create a seamless medium through which the user can effortlessly access their information.

Why should you get a professionally designed website?

The Internet is filled with poorly designed websites that lack professionalism, detracting from the businesses they represent. Taking shortcuts in this manner is ultimately not worthwhile, as it fails to impress visitors and may eventually lead to additional expenses for a professionally designed website. A professionally designed website offers an enjoyable online experience for visitors and ensures that your business is presented in a functional and professional manner. Obsidian Studios SA boasts a skilled web development team that has received extensive training and has a proven track record in crafting websites that elevate your business’s image.

When it comes to your company’s image, whether through an Identity Kit or a website, why rely on an amateur? Our responsibility is to build a positive and professional image for your company, and we guarantee satisfaction with all our work! We have extensive experience in creating content using various mediums, including Web Design, Drone Photography/Videography, Graphic Design, Animation, and Illustration. With years of expertise, we have designed and produced high-quality graphics and websites for a diverse range of clients. At Obsidian Studios SA, top-notch work and professional designs are our standard. We value direct input from our customers regarding their desired image and/or website. Our prices and special rates are significantly below the industry average, while our designs consistently exceed expectations.

Imaginative, Professional, Original, Quality Artistic Designs that reflect your company.


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In order to ensure that you receive the best possible service and maximum quality with your website, Obsidian Studios SA has a strict set of rules and procedures to go through when designing your site. Many companies try to design you a site, but it will often end up being a mess, or badly managed. This is because they have not followed the proper guidelines and processes when designing your site. At OBSIDIAN STUDIOS, we use a comprehensive process, which is outlined below.

Problem Definition / Concept Exploration and Requirement Analysis / Specification
This part of the design process requires our designers to come up with ideas for your web site, and explore how they could be fully implemented in a site. Problems to do with the site are discussed as a group and solutions to them are devised. These plans will then be discussed with yourself. After everything has been decided a site plan is produced (as detailed below).

Initial Discussion with Yourself
To begin the web design process, we will visit you, or if this is not possible, arrange a conversation over the telephone, or Internet, and discuss the following things:
• The GOAL of the web site,
• The POTENTIAL AUDIENCE that the web site is to be aimed at.
• The REQUIREMENTS for the web site.

Design Prototyping
During this phase, both technical and visual prototypes are constructed. However, before designing of the interface commences, some content should be submitted. This is because the content will influence the site and help guide its form. For example, if the content is written in a very official and formal tone and yet “fun” and carefree graphics are used, the site will seem very unusual to the user. Seeing the content up front allows the designers to fully
implement the graphics and the interface to fit in with content.

Block Composites/Wireframes.
Design prototypes will always proceed in a logical order (in the order that the user will navigate the site). To keep with this, the home page is first designed before continuing onto the individual subsections (e.g. Services, Jobs etc.) and then onto the specifics of the subsection. Finally, any forms and conclusions to the site (if a linear (tour) style hierarchy is being used) should be designed. This should depict, in detail, a typical page in the site.

The Mock Site and Proof of Concept (PoC)
At this point, we now create the Alpha, or Mock site. Your prototype is now completed using scripts and HTML. This prototype is a workable example of what your site will finally look like. Once the alpha site is assembled, the site will be fully navigable, but no content will be included, and only limited
interactivity features will be fully implemented. At this time, we have a few users try out the site. We observe if the site is easy to navigate and is responsive and allow users to attempt tasks with faked results in place. If the users have difficulty in performing tasks, we will consider scrapping the design and returning to the Composite Stage (The Prototype Stage). Once the design passes through this stage, a complete redesign is not possible. 

Visual Acceptance Testing
This type of testing ensures that the site looks at it is meant to. We view each page on the site thoroughly and make sure they are all consistent in style, layout and colour. We look at the site under different browsers, resolutions and viewing environments. 

Functionality Testing
Functionality testing and visual testing do overlap in the sense that the most basic function of a page is to simply render onscreen. We make sure to test every link in the site and rectify any broken links we experience. We also use excellent software to ensure that there are no broken links. We test all elements such as forms or shopping carts and use both realistic test situations as well as extreme situations.

Release, Operation and Maintenance
Now, at last we will upload the site. Once this has been completed, you can observe the site for real. At this point, you can launch any advertising or marketing campaigns for your new site and inform the world that your site is live! We will continue to maintain and update your website on a regular basis, ensuring that people are always coming back for more!